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....Partners and Sponsors..Partenaires et commanditaires....

....HWF would like to thank our Partners and Sponsors..Aidons avec des meubles aimerait remercier nos partenaires et commanditaires.... 

....Penske Truck Rental ..Location de camions Penske....

Dedicated to excellence.

It's not just their motto: They live it day, after day, with all of their customers.

Each week on Wednesday evening we are welcomed by the staff of Penske truck rentals at 2323 Stevenage Rd. And when we return after our work of furnishing homes we are always welcomed with big smiles, conversation, and of course great professionalism. Not only by the staff in charge of rentals but also by the staff in the garage who come to check us in on most nights when we return from volunteering.

Our charitable organization Helping With Furniture (HWF) has been supported by Penske truck rentals for over four years now and their generosity amazed us from day one. But what amazes us even more is that we truly feel week after week that helping us do our work for society really matters to them. Not only through the use of their trucks but by some of the staff attending our fundraiser and volunteering with us. It is on that beautiful sunny day at the lunch that it hit us “DEDICATED TO EXCELLENCE” it's not just their motto: They live it day after day with all of their customers.

2323 Stevenage Drive, Ottawa, ON.,
K1G 3W1 (613) 731-9998

....When Helping with Furniture appealed to the public for a hero to come forward and help us expand our operations to aide more people, it was Merkburn Holdings who answered the call. We were in desperate need of a place to store the extra furniture and household items that we needed to help meet the needs of the Syrian refugee families settling in Ottawa. Merkburn Holdings very generously donated the use of their 7,200 square feet warehouse and office space on Star Top Road.  This donation has allowed HWF to temporarily expand our operations and we, as well as the families helped, couldn’t be more grateful.

Merkburn Holdings Limited, incorporated since 1969, owns and manages over one million square feet of commercial and industrial properties in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. Merkburn’s portfolio of properties is quite diversified and includes facilities for offices, warehouses and showrooms as well as manufacturing and production facilities. ..

Lorsqu'Aidons avec des meubles a lancé un appel au grand public pour trouver un bienfaiteur pouvant nous aider à prendre de l'expansion et ainsi à aider un plus grand nombre de personnes en difficulté, c'est Merkburn Holdings qui n'a pas hésité à nous prêter main-forte. Nous avions désespérément besoin d'un autre entrepôt pour répondre aux besoins en meubles et en articles de maison des familles syriennes venant s'établir à Ottawa. Merkburn Holdings nous a offert l'utilisation gratuite d'un de leurs entrepôts de 7 200 pieds carrés sur le chemin Star Top. Ce généreux don nous permet d'aider un plus grand nombre de familles et nous remercions chaleureusement Merkburn Holdings.

Merkburn Holdings Limited, société juridiquement constituée en 1969, est propriétaire et gestionnaire de plus d'un million de pieds carrés de propriétés à vocation commerciale et industrielle situées dans la région d'Ottawa-Gatineau. Le portefeuille de Merkburn est particulièrement diversifié; il comprend en effet des locaux à bureaux, des aires d’entreposage, des salles d’exposition ainsi que des installations de fabrication et de production. ....

....Our small warehouse was overflowing with furniture; we were struggling to fit in all the donations from generous Ottawa citizens wanting to help families who are restarting their lives because of situations of hardship. Peter Hauderowicz, owner of PODS Moving and Storage in Ottawa, offered to donate units to handle the overflow. We said "Yes" (enthusiastically) and, the next day, two PODS containers were set up in the parking lot outside our warehouse!

We are finding them invaluable as both storage units and as staging areas where families’ donations are placed. Parties who are picking up furniture for their sponsored families can be directed right to their pod, where they find everything waiting to be loaded into their truck.

Thank you PODS Ottawa… you are really making a difference! ..

Notre petit entrepôt débordait de meubles; nous avions de la difficulté à ranger tous les dons des généreux citoyens d'Ottawa voulant aider les réfugiés syriens. Peter Hauderowicz, propriétaire de PODS Moving and Storage à Ottawa, a offert de nous prêter des unités pour le trop-plein de meubles. Nous avons accepté avec joie et le lendemain, deux PODS étaient en place dans le stationnement à l'extérieur de notre entrepôt!

Merci PODS Ottawa de nous avoir proposé cette solution d'entreposage géniale! ....

PODS Moving and Storage
250 Sheffield Rd.
+1 800-776-7637

Dymon offers state-of-the-art storage facilities for personal, business, and government in the Ottawa/Gatineau region.

323 Coventry Road, Ottawa, ON

Canotek Self Storage is a family-owned and family-operated storage facility located in the Canotek business park in the East end of Ottawa.

5325 Canotek Road, Ottawa, On K1G 3W1
(613) 748 3278

BLR Safety & First Aid Inc. has been in business since 1988 providing safety supplies and first aid products to customers in the greater National Capital Region and Canada.

5330 Canotek Road, Unit # 1, Ottawa. ON
(613) 745-2939

Are you using your move as motivation to purge some furniture?

We are so happy to be working with Helping With Furniture to donate your gently used pieces to families in need in our community.


Telephone: 613.702.1615


Sleep Country Canada is the leading specialty retailer of mattresses and sleep accessories in Canada.

Customizable organic mattresses - made in Canada.

155 Colonnade Rd, Nepean, ON

(613) 727-5337


Top Notch Moving Services

(613) 302-0532



Get Sorted Ottawa is an in-home organization service. In addition to its client services, Get Sorted supports HWF by delivering excess furniture and household items to HWF.