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Volunteer With HWF

Dave McLean


We have a number of open volunteer positions open right now. Some newly created, some on-the-ground, some require specific expertise – all are crucial, important roles. If you’re interested in applying for these or other roles within our organization, email today.

Helmet and Lock Distribution Coordinator

We are looking for a dynamic volunteer to lead an initiative that will ensure everyone who receives a refurbished bicycle may also obtain a new helmet and lock at no, or very low, cost.

Helping With Bikes provides over 200 fully refurbished bikes per year to individuals and families that are making “new beginnings” all around our great city. Helmets are an important part of cycling safety (and legally required for those 16 years old and under). For safety reasons, we are unable to give away donated used helmets. A sturdy lock is also unfortunately necessary for protecting the donated bikes from theft.

We need someone with the interest, skills, drive and energy to research and forge partnerships with other related charitable initiatives, as well as with commercial suppliers of bicycle helmets and locks to make our work complete.


Our energetic, determined Movers get their workouts in on Wednesday nights when they volunteer for furniture pick-ups and deliveries. The team heads out to collect furniture donations from several different households around the city and load these donations into the truck; heads back to the Storage Unit on Canotek Road to drop off the donations and pick up the night’s deliveries; and then hits the road to complete the very rewarding task of delivering furniture to the night’s assigned families. If you are physically strong, have lots of energy, like working in a team, and like working outdoors, then this position is for you!


We are looking for a treasurer who can, among other things:

• manage a budget of $100,000, approximately 1 to 2 hours per month;

• participate in board meetings, 2 hours a month;

• perform data entry in Quickbooks;

• ensure HWF is respecting the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act;

• issue tax receipts and;

• prepare the annual budget.

To receive a complete list of the Treasurer’s responsibilities or inquire further, please contact

....Give Someone the Comfort of Home in Ottawa..Un Nid Douillet -- Grâce à vous....

Dave McLean


Header 2_Mother and Son.jpg


Header 2_Mother and Son_FR.jpg

.... ....Right now, thousands of women, men, and children in Ottawa are living without the comforts of home. They lack beds to sleep in, tables to eat at, and the sense of belonging and security that comes with having a home to call their own. Without the safety and stability of a home, they struggle to succeed. Life for them is simply about surviving -- not living and thriving.

Did you know that Helping With Furniture (HWF) has provided gently-used furniture, household goods, bikes, and laptops to more than 1,650 homes since 2005? This year alone we will furnish well over 200. That’s more than 6,000 people in Ottawa who have received the necessities of home and a chance to start a new beginning. And everything we do is for free!

But so many deserving people remain on our waitlist. As a 100% volunteer-run organization, all donations made to HWF go directly to covering essential expenses such as gas for the truck, storage, and insurance, all of which enable us to help more families.

You can help us to increase our reach and provide more people the hope of creating a new and dignified life here in Ottawa.

This fall, if you plan to give to the United Way, please consider directing your donation to Helping With Furniture. ..

Saviez-vous qu’aujourd’hui même, des milliers de femmes, d’hommes et d’enfants à Ottawa vivent sans le confort d’une demeure? Ils n’ont ni lit pour dormir, ni table à laquelle se rassembler, sans compter l’absence de ce sentiment d’appartenance et de sécurité intrinsèquement lié à un endroit bien aménagé. Il est difficile d’aller de l’avant lorsque l’on n’a pas les nécessités de base dans la vie de tous les jours. Bien souvent pour ces personnes, la vie se résume à survivre plutôt qu’à vivre pleinement leur potentiel.

Aidons avec des meubles (HWF) a pu fournir des meubles en bon état, des articles de maison et  des vélos à plus de 1 650 foyers depuis 2005; cette année seulement, nous avons meublé plus de 200 demeures. Cela représente plus de 6000 personnes à Ottawa qui ont reçu les nécessités de base et une chance d’entamer un nouveau départ. Et ce, sans frais!

Cependant, trop de personnes demeurent sur notre liste, en attente d’un coup de main. En tant qu’organisme composé uniquement de bénévoles, tous les dons remis à HWF vont directement à couvrir les dépenses essentielles comme l’essence pour le camion, l’entrepôt et les assurances.

Vous pouvez nous aider à accroître notre portée et à donner à un plus grand nombre de personnes l’espoir de se bâtir ici, à Ottawa, une nouvelle vie dans la dignité.

Cet automne, si vous prévoyez faire un don à Centraide, pourquoi ne pas donner directement à Aidons avec des meubles. ....

....Work in an office that has a United Way Workplace Campaign? Choose the Other Canadian Registered Charities section of the Campaign form. Designate Helping With Furniture, using BN/Registration #82450 0615 RR0001. .. La seule source de revenus d'Aidons avec des meubles provient de vos contributions. Aidez-nous à aider les autres :Sélectionnez Autre(s) organisme(s) de bienfaisance enregistré(s) canadien(s) sur le formulaire de don de la campagne. Inscrivez Aidons avec des meubles et le numéro d'enregistrement 82450 0615 RR0001. ....

....Work in an office that has a United Way Workplace Campaign? Choose the Other Canadian Registered Charities section of the Campaign form. Designate Helping With Furniture, using BN/Registration #82450 0615 RR0001. .. La seule source de revenus d'Aidons avec des meubles provient de vos contributions. Aidez-nous à aider les autres :Sélectionnez Autre(s) organisme(s) de bienfaisance enregistré(s) canadien(s) sur le formulaire de don de la campagne. Inscrivez Aidons avec des meubles et le numéro d'enregistrement 82450 0615 RR0001. ....

Buck-A-Beer Campaign At Dominion City Brewing

Dave McLean


As you may have heard earlier this month, the great folks at Dominion City Brewing Company decided to put their own spin on the buck-a-beer challenge. On August 8th, they announced their plan to produce Buck-A-Beer Blonde Ale and donate a dollar from every can sold to support refugees causes in Ottawa.

Cans officially went on sale yesterday (Aug 30th) and the fantastic people of Ottawa were lined up around the building to buy it. Sad news for beer fans: Buck-A-Beer is sold out (don’t worry, Dominion City has a wide variety of excellent beers). But the good news is that money was raised for refugee causes. And the really, really great news is that Helping With Furniture is one of the organizations that will put these funds to use. Dominion City has announced that HWF and the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard with receive the funds raised from the Buck-a-Beer campaign! We are incredibly grateful – to Dominion City Brewing, and to every person who rushed out to show their support and make the launch such a success.

Help Us Move Furniture (Without Actually Lifting It Yourself)

Dave McLean


....HWF is thrilled to announce that it has received a $14,000 grant from Project Clear Skies in order to purchase its very own truck. But we need your help! For years, HWF has relied on our incredible friends at Penske, who provide us with a loaner truck every Wednesday night – without them, HWF couldn’t operate. The time has come for HWF to grow and expand.

An HWF-owned vehicle would allow us to increase the timeliness of our delivery and pickup of furniture, allowing us to serve more people on more days of the week. Getting more furniture to families is our #1 priority, and a truck helps us get there. We’re penny-pinching and we’re almost there – but we need donations from people like you to help cover the full cost of the truck. Follow the link below to find out more about our truck project and to see how you can contribute. ..

Aidons avec des meubles (HWF) est fier d'annoncer qu'il a reçu une subvention de 14 000 $ dans le cadre du Projet ensoleillement de l'Administration de l'aéroport d'Ottawa afin que nous puissions acheter notre propre camion. Mais nous avons besoin de votre aide!

Pendant des années, HWF a compté sur l'aide de nos incroyables amis de Penske qui, chaque mercredi soir, nous prête un camion. Sans Penske, HWF ne pourrait mener à bien ses activités. Le temps est venu pour que nous prenions de l'expansion. Acquérir un véhicule nous permettrait d'accroître notre efficacité sur le plan des livraisons et des ramassages, de servir un plus grand nombre de personnes, et ce, beaucoup plus souvent pendant la semaine. Pouvoir donner des meubles à un plus grand nombre de familles constitue notre grande priorité et c'est pourquoi l'acquisition d'un camion nous aiderait à atteindre cet objectif..

Sur le plan financier, nous avons presque atteint notre but mais nous avons besoin de votre aide pour y arriver. Nous avons besoin de dons de gens comme vous pour nous aider à couvrir le coût total du camion. Cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous pour de plus amples détails sur ce projet et pour apprendre comment vous pouvez contribuer. ....

HWF is Maker House's new Craft Change Partner

Dave McLean


Maker House is a Hintonburg-based business that sells locally-crafted furniture and housewares. Founded in 2015, Maker House has been generating sales for more than 100 Canadian artisans, and their showroom is full of items that represent diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Maker House is also a strong supporter of local charities and charitable initiatives. As part of their #CraftChange initiative, the company donates 2% of all sales to community non-profits. And for the months of July, August, and September, Maker House has selected Helping With Furniture as their #CraftChange partner!

We'd like to offer great thanks to Maker House for this, and we strongly encourage our friends and supporters to visit the store, throughout the summer and well beyond.

Help us help more families

Dave McLean


For the month of June, Canada Helps is running The Great Canadian Giving Challenge. For every dollar donated to HWF through Canada Helps (minimum donation of $3 required), we are given one entry into a $10,000 draw, with the winner to be selected on Canada Day. If you were thinking of supporting Helping With Furniture with a donation, now is the perfect time. 

Proud of our President

Dave McLean


Helping With Furniture / Aidons avec des meubles is pleased to announce that Nathalie Maione, HWF President received the Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division) presented by the Governor General of Canada. This medal aims to recognize the extraordinary people who make Canada proud. Their acts are often innovative, set an example or model for others to follow, or respond to a particular challenge faced by a community.

For more than 13 years now, Nathalie and her team has served economically disadvantaged populations in Ottawa to ensure they have a comfortable home and the tools necessary to succeed. Each week, Nathalie, at the wheel of a Penske truck, picks up gently used furniture, household goods, including toys, books, bikes, tools and computers, drops them to our warehouse then goes back on the road to deliver not only furniture but the tools needed for a fighting chance against poverty and hope for a better future.

HWF is about moments like this:  While helping to set up a home, two of our Follow Up  team volunteers heard a little boy of nine whisper into his father's ear, "Dad, we have a home now". To which the mother added, beaming: "And we can invite people over!"

Nathalie will be celebrating this recognition at the HWF annual fund-raising event on Friday, April 20th at the St-Elias Banquet Centre in Ottawa. Everyone is welcome to join in this fun and unique event. Furniture transformed and beautified by 10 Ottawa designers will be sold at a live auction!

Info and tickets

....HWF 12th Annual Gala..HWF 12e Gala Annuel....

Dave McLean


....For 13 years, HWF has been helping furnish homes of those in need.

Please join us at our annual Gala on April 20th 2018, where we will celebrate and raise money to fund another year of bettering lives in our community.

Some details on what the event will include (as if you needed more reason to attend!):

> Free cocktail for every guest

> Silent and live auctions

> Delicious four-course dinner

> Entertainment

> Fun, relaxed atmosphere

We look forward to seeing you! ..

Depuis 13 ans, Aidons avec des meubles a pour mandat de meubler les demeures des personnes dans le besoin.

Nous vous attendons à notre gala annuel le 20 avril 2018, où en plus de célébrer nos réalisations, nous ramassons des fonds pour continuer à améliorer les conditions de vie de notre collectivité.

Ce qui vous attend? Que du plaisir en plus de ce qui suit:

> cocktail gratuit pour chaque invité

> encan silencieux et vente aux enchères

> délicieux dîner quatre services

> divertissement

> soirée décontractée et amusante

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer! ....

Furnishing a New Start One Penske Truck at a Time

Dave McLean


If you follow us on twitter, you know how important our good friends at Penske are. Every Wednesday night, our deliveries reach our clients thanks to the “Yellow Canary” or the “Snow Goose" -- one of the yellow or white trucks that Penske graciously makes available for us. On Move Ahead, the official Penske blog, they've just published a post on the partnership between our organizations. Here's a quick except:

“Without Penske, we would not be able to deliver the furniture to people in need in Ottawa. The Yellow Canary and the Snow Goose have given us the ability to help more people each year,” Maione said.

The company’s involvement doesn’t stop there.

“The Penske employees in Ottawa are amazing. They make sure I am safe every Wednesday night and that I have a great truck,” she said. “They volunteer with us on our bike team as mechanics and on our dragon boat team as paddlers.”

Darryl Munson, branch manager at Penske’s Ottawa location, said the company was drawn to HWF’s commitment to the community.

“The work Nathalie provides for our community is out of necessity; however, very few individuals take it upon themselves to provide it with the same enthusiasm and selflessness as Nathalie does,” Munson said. “We knew from the very beginning Nathalie was on to something very important.”

Please go and read the article in full: it's excellent! Thank you again and always to our partners at Penske.

....HWF - 2017 United Way Campaign..Aidons avec des meubles et campagne de Centraide 2017....

Dave McLean

....HWF’s only source of ongoing funding comes from you, our community supporters. This year, direct your United Way contribution to HWF and help us continue to offer our free services to those in need. .. ....

....What is HWF?

HWF is a volunteer-run, charitable organization providing gently used furniture and household items for those in the Ottawa area who are restarting their lives because of situations of hardship.

Why contribute to HWF?

As we have no paid staff or administration office, your donation will directly benefit families in need, allowing us to continue to expand and help more people. What’s more, HWF is a registered charity, not affiliated with any religious or political group and is the only organization in Ottawa that helps those in need to furnish their homes free of charge. For these reasons, we are the choice of referral agencies and, sadly, we always have a waiting list.

Our families can spend months with little to no furniture, lighting or household goods. They are eager to get their new lives started – help us to shorten that wait! ..

Votre don fait une réelle différence!

Cette année, versez votre contribution de Centraide à Aidons avec des
meubles et aidez-nous à continuer d'offrir nos services gratuitement aux personnes dans le besoin.

Aidons avec des meubles (HWF) est un organisme de bienfaisance composé uniquement de bénévoles qui donne des meubles et des articles de maison usagés, mais en bon état aux personnes de la région d'Ottawa qui recommencent leur vie à la suite de difficultés. Nous aidons autant les réfugiés, les victimes de violence conjugale ou d'une catastrophe que les personnes qui sortent de la pauvreté. Depuis 2005, Aidons avec des meubles a meublé plus de 1 250 domiciles et a, jusqu'ici, en 2016, aidé 97 familles de réfugiés syriens, et ce, sans leur demander un seul sou!

Puisque nous ne disposons pas d'un personnel rémunéré ni de bureaux administratifs, votre contribution dans le cadre de Centraide aidera directement les familles dans le besoin et nous permettra de prendre de l'expansion et d'aider plus de personnes.

Faites un don à Aidons avec des meubles par le biais de la campagne de Centraide de votre bureau

La seule source de revenus d'Aidons avec des meubles provient de vos contributions. Aidez-nous à aider les autres :

> Sélectionnez Autre(s) organisme(s) de bienfaisance enregistré(s) canadien(s) sur le formulaire de don de la campagne

> Inscrivez Aidons avec des meubles et le numéro d'enregistrement 82450 0615 RR0001. ....

....Donate to HWF through United Way

Work in an office that has a United Way Workplace Campaign?

Choose the Other Canadian Registered Charities section of the Campaign form

Designate Helping With Furniture, using BN/Registration #82450 0615 RR0001.

Donate to HWF Directly

To offer your support to HWF directly, whether you’re contributing gently-used furniturefunds, or time through volunteer hours, please click here.

Let your network know that you’re supporting HWF, and encourage them to do the same!

What are people saying about HWF?

Visit our media page to learn more about our presence in the community. ..

Donnez directement à Aidons avec des meubles (HWF)

Pour apporter votre soutien directement à HWF, veuillez cliquer ici.

HWF dans les médias

Visitez notre page médias pour vous informer sur nos différentes activités au sein de la collectivité. ....

Spotlight: The Follow-Up Team

Dave McLean


In today's post, we're putting the spotlight on our incredible Follow-Up Team. After a move has been completed, there's often still more to be done to turn a residence into a home. The Follow-Up Team visits shortly after a move to do any additional assembly and setup work that our clients require, from putting together beds, hanging curtains, assembling shelving, and securing bookshelves.

Below you can view a slide show featuring some of the great work this team does.

Helping with Furniture - Laptops

Dave McLean

....HWF is kicking off a Helping With Furniture - Laptops program, providing used, functional computer equipment for the families and students that we help with furniture.

For these families, a working laptop can provide access to educational resources, social services, and employment assistance. We are currently looking for donations of gently used laptops and laser printers. HWF will ensure that the computers are completely wiped of data before they are refurbished.

Donations can be made here, and we're also looking for volunteers with basic tech support skills - come have fun tinkering with us! ..

HWF lance un programme intitulé « Helping With Furniture – Laptops » qui fournit du matériel informatique usagé et fonctionnel aux familles et aux étudiants que nous aidons avec les meubles.

Pour ces familles, un ordinateur portable fonctionnel peut donner accès à des ressources éducatives, à des services sociaux et à de l'aide à l'emploi. Nous sommes actuellement à la recherche de dons d'ordinateurs portables et d'imprimantes laser. HWF veillera à ce que toutes les données soient complètement effacées avant que ces ordinateurs soient remis à neuf.

Des dons peuvent être faits ici, et nous sommes également à la recherche de bénévoles ayant des compétences de base en matière de soutien technique. Venez vous amuser à bricoler avec nous!....

Inez Hoey

Dave McLean


....Inez joined the HWF team in early 2009 as one of the Dragon Ladies. She donated much of her time to our cause with the same great passion she dedicated to her family, friends, church work. Inez joined our rank as a bundler but immersed herself quickly into other volunteer positions, visitor, gala, furniture intake to finally became our treasurer extraordinaire and fantastic board member. If I was asked to say what I remember most about Inez I would say “Her sweet smile, her vibrant personality, her intelligent and knowledge,  her contagious passion for community and the people in it. Inez was the type of person who made you smile when you met  her and someone you can never forget.

She will always be a part of the HWF family and she will live in our hearts forever.

- Nathalie Maione..

Inez s'est jointe à l'équipe d'Aidons avec des meubles au début de l'année 2009. Elle a consacré temps et énergie à notre cause avec la même passion qu'elle s'est dévouée pour sa famille, ses amis et ses fonctions à l'équipe. Inez a commencé par préparer des boîtes pour nos familles pour ensuite s'impliquer dans d'autres activités bénévoles pour l'organisation, à savoir à titre de visiteuse, d'organisatrice du gala, de préposée aux meubles. À notre grand bonheur, elle est devenue notre extraordinaire trésorière et fantastique membre du conseil d'administration. Quand on me pose la question à savoir ce que je me souviens le plus d'Inez, c'est sans contredit son sourire affectueux, son dynamisme, son intelligence et ses connaissances, sa passion contagieuse pour la collectivité et les personnes qui la composent. Inez était une personne qui suscitait le sourire dont vous la rencontriez et que vous ne pouvez pas oublier!

Elle fera toujours partie de la grande famille d'Aidons avec des meubles et restera dans notre cœur pour toujours. 

- Nathalie Maione....

Patricia Ulrich

Dave McLean


....Helping With Furniture team was so saddened by the news of Pat's passing. Her dedication and passion to improving the lives of others was an inspiration. As President and volunteer for HWF, I had the pleasure of working alongside Pat on many occasions from setting up silent auctions, volunteer fairs, storage clean ups and to of course moving tons of furniture and household items to furnish families. Pat was always ready to not only organize but also give a helping hand. She will be very missed.

- Nathalie Maione..

Aidons avec des meubles a appris la triste nouvelle du décès de Pat. Son dévouement et sa passion pour améliorer la vie des êtres nous inspiraient tous. À titre de présidente et de bénévole d'Aidons avec des meubles, j'ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec Pat à de nombreuses occasions, que ce soit pour préparer des encans silencieux, des foires de bénévolat, nettoyer l'entrepôt et, bien entendu, déménager des tonnes de meubles et articles de maison pour fournir le nécessaire aux familles. Pat était toujours prête à prêter main-forte et aider les autres. Elle nous manquera beaucoup.

- Nathalie Maione....

HWF Hits Home: Wins Ottawa Social Impact Award

Dave McLean

Helping With Furniture (HWF) is honoured to have won the 2016 Ottawa Social Impact Award for a Community-Initiative! More than 500 votes from the Ottawa public earned HWF a place among 10 top finalists, which were then reviewed and evaluated by an independent jury. This panel of local business and community leaders ultimately deemed HWF winner of this year’s Community-Initiative award, which recognizes organizations with lasting social impact and significant potential for growth.

The Social Impact Awards are a new initiative, developed by Impact Hub Ottawa and the City of Ottawa.

“These awards highlight impressive community initiatives and social enterprises that are making a lasting social impact on our city in ways that emphasize the power of the collective rather than the individual,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “Congratulations to both the winners of this award and the nominees, whose work is making a significant difference in our city both socially and economically.”

For more information, please see HWF’s Press Release.

Ottawa Citizen 'We're looking for a hero'

David Valentiate

Nathalie Maione stands amidst the furniture in the overflowing warehouse for HWF

Nathalie Maione stands amidst the furniture in the overflowing warehouse for HWF

The Ottawa Citizen covered HWF and our need for a new depot to increase capacity for the incoming Syrian Refugees.

That hero, she says, would be a local philanthropist willing to quickly donate some much-needed warehouse space where donors can drop off unwanted furniture, and where sponsorship groups can pick it up. HWF currently operates out of a 2,000-sq.-ft. warehouse on Canotek Road, and its volunteers, using a truck donated by Penske Truck Rental, make pickups and deliveries on Wednesdays. They’re adding a Saturday delivery, and have acquired two portable storage pods, but even at that, their warehouse is jammed to the rafters, with couches piled upon more couches, and little space in which to put more.

Carolyn Taylor

David Valentiate

....HWF has lost one of its most valuable and respected members.

Carolyn Taylor died on December 1, 2015 . Carolyn’s years with us were all spent before we acquired the warehouse, in the small units where things were crowded and untidy and often bitter cold. Her special care was for the lamps. As long as she and her husband, Roger, were in charge, every lamp was refurbished and checked for safety. She set a standard for us all. Then, when our dear friend Inez Hoey died suddenly, Carolyn took up the heavy responsibilities of treasurer.

In addition to the day­to­day work that that entailed, she oversaw the annual silent auction. Wherever we needed advice and help, Carolyn was there. Even as her illness progressed and hope of recovery became faint, Carolyn never lost interest in HWF; she cared about it and pondered over it as if she was still involved in it.

She was a good friend to us all. We shall miss her.

Aidons avec des meubles a perdu l'une de ses membres les plus précieuses et respectées. Carolyn Taylor est décédée le 1er décembre 2015.

Carolyn a travaillé avec nous lorsque nous n'avions pas l'entrepôt et que nous louions de petites unités où régnait un joyeux désordre et, plus souvent qu'autrement, un froid glacial! Elle avait comme fonction de s'occuper des lampes. Elle et son mari, Roger, s'assuraient que chaque lampe fonctionnait et était sécuritaire. Son efficacité nous a marqués. Puis, lorsque notre douce amie Inez Hoey est décédée subitement, Carolyn n'a pas hésité à assumer la lourde responsabilité de trésorière. En plus des fonctions quotidiennes qu'exigeait ce rôle, elle supervisait l'encan silencieux annuel. Si nous avions besoin d'aide ou de conseils, Carolyn était toujours là.

Même si, au fil du temps, la maladie prenait le dessus et que l'espoir de guérison s'amenuisait, Carolyn n'a jamais perdu sa passion pour notre organisme. Elle portait Aidons avec des meubles dans son cœur et elle était tout aussi dévouée.

Le souvenir de cette grande amie restera avec nous. Nous la regretterons.